Originally from Sussex, I attended a creative (ish) college where I played in various school jazz bands and met my first alt rock group Gundreda. They adopted me, a young eager guitarist and bedroom vocalist, and we played small shows around the South for a couple years. During this time, I finished college and started my first year at BIMM Brighton. The band eventually decided that we needed to graze on new, less southern fields and the guys wanted to start their studies too, so we set foot for the West.

Two of the guys from Gundreda moved up to Bristol in the summer of 2020 and I transferred my studies up there too. My girlfriend and I moved to Bath as she was studying her first year at Bath Spa Uni online. We shared our tiny studio flat on Walcot Street and soaked in the city (along with its fumes) from outside our window as the lockdown was still very much in full swing.

Moving to Bath brought so much "new feeling" material for songs which in tune ended up being recorded in our little flat, produced by my best friend Nug and being played on Bath Radio. I have a lovely memory of being interviewed whilst carving pumpkins with Amu for Halloween.

Before the interview, I was scouting around on the Bath Radio Instagram to see who was being played before me. I came across the band Port Erin and saw that one of my friends from a previous band was also following them. I gave them a listen and then messaged them to say I liked their stuff. I didn't expect to be asked to record vocals for the frontman's new project.

After a fair few goes recording the vocals, and sending the stems over Google Drive, we eventually landed the perfect take. Reuben, the frontman sent an email to me (which I didn't actually see for a good year or so afterwards) asking me if I'd join the new project and play live with them. Luckily Reuben messaged me and asked me again. I'm so glad he did. I said yes, and I think it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Within two years I have juggled up to five bands while working and studying, quit four of them one by one, focussed on live shows with Reuben's Daughters, done UK tours with them, scraped a degree and played festivals that changed me. I am now staring at the rolled up bit of paper that is my graduation certificate and wondering how much I remember studying at all.